A beautiful jQuery WYSIWYG text editor

Froala WYSIWYG Editor is built on the latest technologies and according to the latest industry trends.



Are you an Apple fan? Or maybe Microsoft? It doesn't matter, our WYSIWYG text editor will work the same on Safari, Internet Explorer and other browsers.


It's tested! A busy day won't stop you from editing your website. Use your tablet or even smartphone for it.

Complete Functionality

Simple and yet the most complete WYSIWYG text editor with lots of customization options. Style it your way for the best editing experience!

Clean HTML

We developed an algorithm that automatically cleans the output of the editor, making it ready to be crawled by search engines.

Retina Ready

Simple and good looking, the text editor will fit nicely on any web page, no matter how large your screen resolution is. The users will just love it!

High Performance

You can edit either one paragraph or thousands of web pages, with Froala WYSIWYG text editor you won't feel a difference at all.


"@froala_labs Thank you very much for such quick responses. I've never seen a software support implemented so accurately!"

Eugene @iteye_ru

We make website editing easy!

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We believe that Froala WYSIWYG Editor is the best text editor out there. It is built using the latest technologies and taking the great advantages of HTML5 to improve your website editing experience.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor is one of the few rich text editors around with Retina Ready design which makes it a really cute editor. We carefully analyzed the latest industry trends and designed a nice flat interface that will fit in any web page and the users will just love it.

Website editing has never been easier. You can edit the web page content without having to learn HTML, Wiki or any other markup languages. Simply edit everything just like you do with a document. Still, there may be some that prefer writing HTML code. That's why Froala WYSIWYG text editor allows its users to also see and edit the source code, writing their own javascript and HTML code.

With Froala what you see is actually what you get. It is the first text editor with full support for mobile devices. Drag and drop images to upload them and change their position and then you can resize them even on tablets and smartphones. You can play around with all image features without worrying about uploading and storing them, they are saved by default on http://i.froala.com, so you don't have to do a thing.

Our jQuery WYSIWYG text editor is available under a dual licensing model. You can benefit of the free HTML editor for personal and non-commercial project under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. For commercial web pages, four paid licenses are available, depending on the desired usage requirements.

But wait! There's more...

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Froala WYSIWYG editor is used world wide, in many countries and in various languages. It has full RTL support, so writing in Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew will feel naturally. Even the toolbar changes to give it the perfect feel.

It's a known fact that users hate testing and want a product that really works. That's why most of the editor's functionality is covered by automated tests. Nevertheless we are not neglecting manual tests that are very important for a top class product. Manual testing allows us to go through multiple use case scenarios and be one step closer to a perfect WYSIWYG html editor.

Loved by users and friendly with developers. With a powerful API and a strong documentation, any developer will love playing around with the text editor. Moreover it is very easy to integrate, customize and extend.

With SEO in mind, Froala WYSIWYG html editor produces clean output, waiting to be crawled by search engines. Our editor is not using the <font> tag, all tags are closed according to the HTML5 standards and the inline style is aggregated. We developed an algorithm that cleans all the unnecessary HTML and produces a very clean output.